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Service Offering - Business Advisory

VPRP & Co LLP specializes in helping businesses with operations, management, and the development of effective business strategies in today’s dynamic financial landscape. Explore our business advisory services, crafted by financial consulting experts.

Our team of experts offers businesses a comprehensive range of business advisory services. Our aim is to help develop a financial framework for businesses without them having to worry about regulatory approvals.

We can assist you in making the right financial decisions for your business, resulting in sustainable growth and increased revenue.

Risk Advisory

Risk advisory services focus on avoiding financial, operational, cyber security, and environmental risks. Our risk advisory experts identify potential risks and advise on risk transfer mechanisms to safeguard the organization in an emergency. We also monitor, report, and suggest risk management strategies to remain effective.

We provide the following risk advisory services:

● Tailored risk management advice for compliance with Indian regulations

● Maintenance of financial statements to avoid loss

Growth Consulting

Growth consulting services focus on expert growth advice to upscale your business. Our service experts find a feasible growth opportunity for companies, frame a tailored growth strategy, and raise capital from investors. We also offer personalized advice to increase the business's revenue and avoid risks.

We provide clear advice on subjects concerning the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), company laws, direct and indirect taxes, labor issues, and Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Management Consulting

Management consulting services involve identifying a business’s management deficiencies and operational failures to suggest strategies that could boost the business’s performance. Our team of experts gives industry-specific management guidelines and plan goals aligning with the company's regulations. We also analyze the financial status to optimize management decisions.

Our management consulting services include:

● Project feasibility and market viability study

● Developing a business strategy and plan

● Developing systems, processes, policies and procedures

● Serve as a sounding board for key business decisions

● People strategy (HR planning)

● Marketing strategy review

● Financial system review and financial modeling

a man in a suit writing on a tablet
a man in a suit writing on a tablet

Foreign Exchange Regulations

Foreign exchange regulation services ensure that your foreign cash flow complies with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). We audit and prepare necessary reports following the FEMA guidelines to submit to the RBI.

Our foreign exchange regulation services include:

● Business advisory on the feasibility of foreign exchange transactions on a case-to-case basis

● Advisory under the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999

● Liaising with the RBI to seek clarifications

● Seeking requisite approvals from the Reserve Bank of India

● Providing valuation services and reports as required under FEMA

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory services help businesses manage approval-seeking processes.

Our chartered accountants assist companies with the application and obtain all essential permits and licenses. You can get swift approvals with our industry-specific knowledge and existing relationships with regulatory authorities.

Our regulatory services include:

● Seek RBI approval for Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs)

● Application for a small finance or universal bank license

● Application for a payment bank license

● Application to become a white-label ATM operator

● Application to become a payment aggregator

● Application for a stock broker's license

person pointing white paper on wall
person pointing white paper on wall

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1. What is an advisory service in business?

Business advisory services guide to enhance productivity while overcoming obstacles. Analyzing situations enables bespoke solutions and strategies to be recommended, rather than just providing information, which consultants do.

2. What are the benefits of business advisory services?

Business advisory services offer several key benefits. These include:

● Helping identify growth opportunities

● Improving processes for greater efficiency

● Suggesting risk mitigation tactics

● Objective counsel enables shrewd decision-making

● Compliance with regulations and best practices requires adequate support

● Navigating challenges for competitive advantage

3. What is the scope of business advisory?

Business advisory services provide various solutions. Advisors offer expertise in operations, finance, marketing, HR, compliance, risk management, and IT. Services for business advice offer targeted guidance and detailed evaluations to enhance an organization's position and navigate shifting market scenarios.

4. What is the difference between business advisory and consulting?

Business advisory guides rely on in-depth analysis to manage affairs and achieve goals. Discrete issues or projects are where consulting excels. Advisory aims to empower clients, and consulting produces solutions or deliverables for clients to implement.