Streamline Your Mergers and Acquisitions With VPRP & Co LLP’s Transaction Advisory

Service Offering - Transaction Advisory Services

In the dynamic world of mergers, acquisitions, and complex financial transactions, having reliable guidance can make all the difference. Our transaction advisory services provide just that. We bring expert knowledge, ensuring that every move we suggest is strategically sound and financially viable. Seeking professional guidance for transaction advisory services helps you craft an irresistible deal and negotiation terms to secure investments for mergers and acquisition proceedings.

Our expert chartered accountants save time and effort by carefully valuing business transactions in compliance with regulatory approvals to add value to the potential financial outcome.

Lead Advisory

Our CA firm provides lead advisory services for business financial transactions. We specialize in developing financial strategies for mergers and acquisitions, fostering trust among prospective investors on behalf of organizations.

Target Evaluation Studies

We assess the target company's finances, liabilities, assets, and risks to design a comprehensive framework for assistance with mergers and acquisitions.

Fundraising Services

We offer fundraising services to companies that require external funding. Our services include thoroughly analyzing your business, identifying appropriate financing options, developing compliant strategies, and identifying qualified investors to support your business

Financial Model Building

Our financial model-building services are essential for companies seeking a comprehensive view of their financial performance, improving decision-making, attracting potential investors, and developing a sustainable strategy for economic growth.

Financial Due Diligence

Our financial due diligence services are necessary for companies to ensure financial transparency, mitigate risks, make informed investment decisions, and protect their financial health.

Tax Due Diligence

Our in-house tax experts audit the company’s tax history and their compliance with tax regulations. We calculate the risks involved and prepare reports to identify opportunities for tax returns.

Transaction Structure and Equity Stake Determination

As a part of our transaction structure and equity stake determination services, we recommend a suitable tax structure, analyze equity stake (fair market share), debt to equity ratio, and corporate tax planning. We aim to optimize the final tax structure to minimize the company’s liability.

Information Memorandum Preparation

Our team of finance experts prepares information reports on your business’s description, financial status, market valuation, and legal compliance. We create a compelling information memorandum highlighting the company's potential and strength to attract investors.

Valuation of Business

VPRP & Co LLP is committed to conducting market research and using various approaches to assess the current net worth of a business. We create accurate valuation reports for businesses to attract potential investors.

Tax Planning for Transactions

We suggest effective tax planning strategies for businesses. We evaluate the tax structure according to the regulations to maximize tax efficiency.

Transaction Support & Negotiations

We strategically design contract structures to optimize a company’s finances, operations, and performance. Our expertise extends to the execution phase, where we prioritize negotiations to secure potential investment opportunities for your company.


1. What is the scope of transaction advisory services?

The scope of transaction advisory services is wide. CA experts guide deal opportunities and help evaluate the right targets. Due diligence is conducted to assess risks, while recommendations help clients achieve their goals. In addition, they ensure that the transaction meets legal standards.

2. What is the work of advisory services?

Advisory services provide businesses with expert guidance and recommendations, helping assess client needs and the environment. Advisory work includes analyzing challenges and opportunities, consulting on potential solutions and strategies, and advising on plans, processes, and governance. Ensuring compliance with regulations and empowering clients through independent and objective guidance is also a major component of advisory services.

3. What are the different types of advisory services?

There are various types of advisory services:

● Management advisory

● Financial advisory

● HR advisory

● IT advisory

● Marketing strategy advisory

● Compliance advisory

● Mergers and acquisitions advisory

4. What is the difference between consulting and advisory services?

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