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Step into the world of business valuation, where numbers define your trustworthiness.

Our valuation experts measure the value of your business using globally accredited procedures for accuracy and to assist you in making better financial decisions.

Professional business valuation by valuers and appraisers from a top-notch CA firm like VPRP & Co LLP ensures an accurate and reliable valuation. An accurate valuation positively affects a business’s decision-making, transactions, and compliance requirements. It also helps attain capital from investors to help establish a successful and sustainable business.

Business Valuation

Business valuation services consist of calculating the net value of a business, including assets, investments, and bonds. This helps businesses with tax planning, investment decisions, transactions, etc.

Our firm uses multiple valuation approaches with industry experts to find a business's fair market value and make sound financial decisions.

Valuation of Intangible Assets

Intangible asset valuation services are directed towards assessing the value of assets with no physical form. It includes brand reputation, copyrights, patents, and intellectual property.

Our firm valuers identify, classify, and use various approaches to value intangible assets, contributing to the company's success.

Valuation of Financial Securities

Services related to the valuation of financial securities include the valuation of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. This helps businesses make investment decisions and maintain financial portfolios.

Our firm evaluates financial securities using various reliable and transparent approaches for assessment

Valuation of Plant and Machinery

Plant and machinery valuation services comprise evaluating large physical instruments like plants, machinery, and tools. This service is a part of calculating the asset value of the business. It helps with mergers, acquisitions, and taxation.

Our appraisers and valuation experts analyze the machines on-site using various approaches. On verification of documents and calculation of market risks, we prepare the final report.

Valuation of Infrastructure Assets

Infrastructure asset valuation services involve conducting a value assessment for infrastructures like buildings and constructions. It complements the valuation of other physical assets and helps make wise financial decisions.

Our valuers analyze the various physical features of the infrastructure, like water, electricity, and transport systems nearby. These aspects contribute to the development of a final report.

Valuation of Inventory

Inventory valuation services involve evaluating the materials involved in the company's production. Calculating the goods' worth helps plan taxes and financial statements.

Our firm evaluates stock and inventory with thorough physical inspection assessing the nature and working conditions. We use cost and market methods to assess the list of products.

Portfolio Valuation for PE/VC/Angel Funds

Portfolio valuation services for investment funds consist of evaluating the value of private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), and angel funding. This type of valuation helps build investor trust and prepare an accurate investment portfolio.

Our firm valuers use the income, cost, and market approach to value the investment funds and identify the market share price adhering to regulatory compliance.

Valuation of Real Estate

Real estate valuation services focus on evaluating the value of real estate properties.

Our firm evaluates the real-estate value by its nature, location, size, and features. We use the sales and cost approach for real estate valuation. Our valuers' also calculate the depreciation risks and prepare a comprehensive report accordingly.

Valuation of ESOPs/Sweat Equity

We determine the fair value of employee stock options/sweat equity by interviewing employees and ensuring the valuation complies with regulatory approvals.

Valuation for Regulatory Purposes

We ensure adherence to regulatory requirements while evaluating assets, liabilities, infrastructure, bonds, and other valuations.

Valuation of Assets Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

As a leading CA firm, we aid businesses with fair and effective asset valuation during insolvency proceedings to ensure investors receive correct claims.

Valuation of REIT/INVIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (INVITs) valuation helps collective investment proceedings for investors. Our firm assesses investment portfolios and calculates potential risks to provide a precise evaluation.

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1. What is a valuation service?

A valuation service estimates the monetary worth of a business, assets, securities, or intangible assets. Professionals analyze financial statements, market trends, comparable transactions, and other relevant factors to arrive at a value agreed upon in a hypothetical sale between informed parties.

2. What are valuation services in accounting?

Valuation services in accounting determine the fair market value of ownership stakes, assets, and liabilities for financial reporting and other purposes. Accountants analyze data using accepted methods to estimate value. Such estimates aid M&A decisions, insurance claims, bankruptcy, shareholder disputes, and other contexts requiring quantified worth assessments.

3. What is the scope of valuation services?

The scope of valuation services is broad. It includes valuing businesses, intangible assets, equipment, inventory, real estate, securities, and other assets for various purposes. Services encompass business valuations, impairment tests, purchase price allocations, fair value accounting, financial reporting, etc. Valuers determine worth by applying appropriate standards and analysis tools.

4. Why do we need valuation services?

Businesses need valuation services to assist them in making important financial decisions where quantification of worth is required, such as mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift taxes, insurance claims, litigation, and bankruptcy and liquidation. Valuation provides an objective estimate to assess the fairness of transactions and settle legal matters regarding economic values.