How to manage time - A CA Student's Handbook


By CA Vijaykumar Puri ~ Partner, VPRP & Co LLP, Chartered Accountants


selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones
selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones

Here is the question every CA student can associate himself with – “How will I manage CA studies, office, college, CA classes together?”

Quite a justified query. Articleship is no facile task.

You have to “manage” (allow me to explore this word later) your office work, clients, colleagues, CA classes, studies, friends, social media, college et cetera altogether.

Whoa. Seems like a mountain to climb!

I don’t think so.

Quite frankly, as an Article, I didn’t realize that I managed so many things until I was writing this blog. On the other hand, social media is full of memes and other content reflecting that life as an article is nothing but retribution.

As candidly I may put it, it is no punishment. Nah. Articleship is just a hard teacher. It makes you go through life-changing experiences and then says “Manage to survive or you won’t manage to survive”.

The principle of life is that every problem has a solution. Even the most daring goals can be achieved if you have the determination to do it.

If you really want to come out from articleship into CA as a polished professional, you cannot keep cribbing about life.

As the saying goes, there is no need to do different things to be successful, you just need to do things differently.

And this is what Articleship teaches you. Management.

I won’t take you back to our textbooks by defining management in the words of George Terry. Instead, let us look at management from the view of an Article.

Difficult to manage time for learning and maintaining contacts together? Network with people and engage primarily into technical conversations with them (don’t forget that you have the license to learn – You are an Article). This will ensure that your contact list keeps growing, but not at the cost of your learning curve.

Difficult to manage graduation studies and CA Final together? Most of college graduation studies form the preface of what we study at CA Final. So next time you think you are ‘forced’ to study B.Com., just read one chapter in the book assuming it as a prologue and move on to read the CA Final portion as well to get in-depth knowledge on the topic. Meets the purpose?

The situation is different for each of us. But then, the dictum remains the same – “Manage to survive”.

Don’t waste the best years of your life going with the flow of the crowd.

You have to find out ways to make things work. And all of this can only be brought about by keeping your head down and working hard.

This is why our profession invokes high respect from the society. Apart from the tough academic content in our course, the structure is such that hardwork and sincerity is imbibed in every individual who has fully undergone the course.

To sum it up, articleship is not a cakewalk. Not at all. It is your perspective that matters the most.

Thank you for reading!